Reviewing 4 Books I read


The-best-Team-WinsThe best Team Wins
You would get misled very easily by the title of the book. It feels like a book on Team and Leadership, Bu Adam Robinson has written this book purely on the Recruitment. You learn a systematic approach to Recruitment along with a list of questions relevant to a particular trait. This book will help you for sure if you do Hiring Mistakes frequently. But if you have already learned a lot from your hiring mistakes, you can skip this for sure. Yes, This book will be very useful for new managers and startup founders.

Vision-from-VedasVision from Vedas
Indian History is a Mistry in itself. During the 1000+ years of attacks of Muslim, Mongol and European rulers and almost equally long slavery destroyed the epilog of the history completely. Ved is one such thing. There is no doubt it is oldest written history on this earth but there is always a huge debate about the originality of the existing text and the time of writing of the Ved. But still, even in the current form, it has the power to show the light to this world. G Narayana is a scroller of Indian literature. His work talks and papers on Ved, Upanishads, Puran, Gita, Ramayan, and Mahabharat are well received amongst academicians. He regularly talks about these topics at Ahmedabad Management Association. I read his two books. Vision from the Vedas and Krishna the Management Expert. The book on Veda is very small but especially. He has milked out some of the brilliant verses from the Vedas and I got stunned by reading some of the ancient wisdom. I will recommend this book.

The-Golden-TapThe Golden Tap
The book is written Kashyap Deorah, a startup founder from the very early bridge of Indian internet start-up industry. He has shared his experiences and observations of almost 20+ years. The book is good for young entrepreneurs and college startup founders to understand the industry and stop doing mistakes which Kashyap did.

Steve-Jobs-BookSteve Jobs
This international best seller from Walter Isaacson talks about the life of a legend, Steve Jobs. The story is written in the most gripping way and he could manage to unfold layers after the layers of the personality, working patterns, and ideology of Steve Jobs. A great read for anyone, everyone.

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