Truth is after all Truth – Save a Girl Child

Amongst the thousand names of lord Vishnu, one is Naarayan. According to Sanskrit grammer the word naarayan is made of two words.
Naar + Aayan
Naar = the whole of consciousness, bunch of life-spirit, whole power of the world.
Aayan = to reside.
This means Naarayan is one in which whole power and consciousness of the world resides.
Great meaning. But I want to point one more great meaning within this. The first word in Naarayan is Naar.
Naar = the whole of consciousness, bunch of life-spirit, whole power of the world
Naar is also woman
Hence woman is one in which all power and consciousness resides.

Lord Krishna told in bhagwad Gita,

Kirti, Shree, Varkya, Narinaam
Shruti r Medha, Dhruti, Shkama

Means I am the Fame, Wealth, ability to speak, ability to listen, intelligence, patience, and forgiveness amongst the Women.

I never understand why Indian public worship goddesses, why they give such nice meanings even to the names, and why in this country only women have to struggle hopelessly to sustain their life.

Once in my lecture I have told that “People who kill the girl child, should never be allowed to get an entry in the temple of lord hanumaan. Hanumaan utilized his complete life for the betterment of life of Sita. If you remove Sita’s character from the life of Hanumaan, we never could know hanumaan. So people who don’t allow birthing a girl child should not come in front of hanumaan who saved a girl child as his life mission”. And I faced some resistance from very few people after this.

But truth is after all truth.

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