Little difference between self confidence and arrogance

Confidence is key to every success. A self confident man can conquer the world or can make the world better. Self confidence is a power which lets a simple human to achieve giant goals. I believe it’s the same power which the supreme has. It has been said god is not outside. He is within. He is inside every human being, every animal, every living and non-living entity. If there is a supreme power, it must be self confidence. None other.

But there is a very thin line between self confidence and arrogance. And you never know when your self confidence converted into rude arrogance. Trusting your own belief is self confidence but not hearing to others may be arrogance. Believing always in yourself is self confidence but not considering others’ confidence at all is arrogance. And again if you would have argued against others it might have been considered arrogance and if not you would be treated as a person with lack of confidence. So can one stay in the safe zone of self confidence without reaching to the devil of arrogance?

May be Ramayan Helps here. I think Ravan is a best example of a person who crossed the border and moved to arrogance from self confidence. He was a child of a great sage and inherited best of the spiritual assets from his father and forefathers. A great devotee of Lord Shiv, having knowledge of all Veds, Upnishads and Shastras, creator of shiv tandav and many other great spiritual prayers, Ravan was one who carried the mountain Kailash on his shoulders with lord shiv and parvati on the pick of it. He won all the kings and Conquered greatest kingdoms. Above that he was the winner of Indra and swarg as well. These supreme achievements were all due to his self confidence, his will power.

But a day came on which Surpankha said him just few bad words about Ram and Laxman and few good words about beauty of Sita. On that same moment that self confidence turned into arrogance. After that day Ravan did listen only those persons who were saying in his praise to satisfy his ego. Till the death that continued. There were many incidence noted in Ramayan where we can easily understand that after Kidnapping sita Ravan realized his mistake. But his self confidence had never let him get down and accept the mistake. Because now it was not self confidence, it was arrogance.

So here may be the definition. When your own inner self resist your ideas and your actions and if still you want to do that thing, consider that arrogance and not self confidence. Try to come back immediately from there.

It’s better to have life to achieve everything rather end if just to satisfy your self confidence which is actually arrogance and ego now.

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