Five types of people work with organization

As Philip Kotler is best known for Marketing, I was happily surprised how he pointed out 5 type of employees in any organization and connected it with marketing and brand identity.

Here is his list with just few edits of mine.

Ambassadors: The most active level. They are strongly committed to the company’s brand identity, organization itself and its customers. They behave and communicate in a consistently positive manner towards the company, both inside and outside. They work hard to resolve any negative thought about the company. Subject to their abilities they would be the future leaders of organization.

Positive Loyalists: They have overall positive feeling for their work and are emotionally attached with company. However they don’t communicate and speak-up the same with others very frequently.

Positive Contributors: They are generally satisfied with their job but hardly attached with the organization itself. Their communication is seldom.

Seat Fillers: They lack interest in company, its products, brand and job even. Employment for them is just a job and will do very little more.

Saboteurs: They are the one who, though still drawing a paycheck from the company, are very active in spreading negative news about the company. They are the frequently vocal detractors about the organization, its culture, policies, products, customers and services. They communicate unflattering opinions and unfavorable perspectives to both peers inside the company and to the customers and outside the company.

I feel every organization would love to have the top category people but it is also a fact that no organization can neutralize either of these categories. Impossible I say. So overall responsibility of organizational leadership is to create an environment and culture to develop/attract and retain talent of top categories.

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