A guide to Manage the pressure for working professionals

Success is the result of our reactions to the events happened in our life. In this globalized world, challenges in terms of competition, survival and strategies are always there for working professionals. It creates pressure and pressure turns to depression when not managed correctly.
Here is a handy guide for working executives to learn managing pressure in constantly changing environment.

Keep away from negative forces

There are many people around you, who are just got birth to spread negative energy they have. They always will try to find problems in anything (May be you can appoint them as Tester or quality assurance engineer!). They will try to enlarge a small problem till the maximum possible level. They always will create hype of any small thing. This will put unnecessary pressure on you for small things well. So always keep yourself away from such people.

Plan your hour, day, week, months, years…

Planning is key. Plan in terms of goals as well as tasks. Set daily goals. Set long term and short term goals. This will keep you focused on the objectives you want to achieve and will help you stay energized. Also plan your tasks. Organize them in terms of priority and execute in same fashion. Try to delegate something to others if possible. This will let you reduce unnecessary load over you. Many times people are frustrated due to a huge pool of pending tasks and majority of them are either non productive or they could have been delayed for any number of days. Planning will help you avoid this situation.

Analyze the situation well

A situation is a status generated due to our actions done in past. So instead blaming others for any sort of negative situation, try to analyze them logically. Write situation on paper. Write the causes which make this occur. Divide them into positive actions and negative actions. Also write all potential positive as well as negative outcomes of this event. Connect the dots. And you will see a clear picture of the situation. You will learn what you should do in future and what you should not.

Do what you like

As you are being a professional, don’t forget that you still are a human being. You still have your likes and dislikes. You still may love reading harry potter, you still may love drawing on canvas, and you may love playing or digging pits for little plants in your garden. Do that. Do what you like. That will keep the mind fresh, refreshed. It will generate positive energy for yourself.

Avoid distractions and stay focused

Many sort of distractions will come across the road to success. When you are planning for some really important business mission, some time wasters may appear. If you cant see them as potential time wasters, you will miss the opportunity. This will create unnecessary pressure either because you want now to cope up with time you wasted or because you just got failed in something. This will again result in mental pressure and depression. So never let distractions take control of you or your resources and stay focused on what you are doing and what you want to do.

Don’t create long term comfort zones for you

This is again a basic human nature. We like doing things in which we are comfortable. At leadership positions, you will be required to do many things. You will have to solve different sort of problems every day. In this case if you just get habituate to a particular work it may be harmful for you in future. This will create comfort zone for you and lastly when you get some serious challenge and you fail coming out of your safety zone, it will become a serious issue for you.

Get attached with your family and friends

Remember that along with a boss, you are a husband, wife, friend, mother, child and many other roles. As a programmer you are going to get pressure, and by all other means you will get relaxed. Yes, quality time spent with your family and friends with help you a lot getting out of pressure which resulted into depression.

Don’t get compromised with your values

You have been bought up by your parents, society, religion and country, every social entity has their own culture, own values. Don’t compromise with your values. Compromising with values may get you towards success but not towards mental peace.

Be confident

Being confident about your abilities is the key. Doubting your skills, knowledge and team will again result in pressure. Be confident and fight against the every challenge you face in your life.

Be prepared

In spite of applying all these strategies, be sure that you will get some pressure in work. Be prepared for that. Always. Have approach of Come What May…

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