5 books I would recommend to read in 2023

5 must read books

I have read many books during 2022. Here are the top 5 books from my 2022 reading list I would like to recommend you read.

1) The ride of a lifetime by #BobIger

I am happy I have started the year 2022 with this book. The ride of a lifetime by Bob (Robert) Iger, CEO of #disney, is actually the Joy and learnings of a lifetime for readers. Highly recommended.

2) Jag vikhyat 51 marketing campaigns – A Gujarati book by Imran Hothi

I love #advertisements and #marketing campaigns and this book in Gujarati language is a collection of 51 famous marketing campaigns executed by companies across the world. I was reading each of them and then researched them on YouTube and google. A nice action #book for me.

3) I too had a dream – #biography of Vergese kurien

I had read this during the free time while sitting at the first outdoor popup stall we have done for Havi.co | The Robotic Toy Store. The book is a detailed account of how #Amul, one of the largest corporation of it’s kind has been built. Genuine, truthful and inspiring.

4) Ladu ni Jatra ane biji vartao – Ranan lal soni

A very old Gujarati book having stories actually for children. But I have enjoyed every single of them. Just wow.

5) If truth to be told – Om Swami

I rarely get books in gift as I am mostly on the givers’ side. But have received this from my Mami as she loved it. You won’t regret reading this but if you have gone through biographies of Swami Vivekanand and Paramhans Yoganand already, chances are you would want to go faster with it.

What was your reading list? Which book would you recommend me further? What’s your opinion for the above 5 books?

Write in the comment please.

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