Some good books to read

Pleae find here the list of few good books those I believe are very interesting to read.

1) Who will cry when you die – Robin Sharma
2) Ageless body Timeless mind – Dipak Chopra
3) Business at speed of thoughts – Bill Gates
4) Shyam Ek vaar aavo ne angane (Gujarati) – Dinkar Joshi
5) The Romance of Tata Steel – R M Lala
6) Bharatiya Swatantrya Sangraam: 1857 – Veer Savarkar (Must Read)

I dont know whether book no 5 is available in any other language except gujarati. book 6 is avaialable in all major lanaguages of india including english. All other languages are in english with some of them may be translated in Indian langugages.

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