Prashant as an Educational Advisor

Recently I have been appointed in the advisory committee of Shree Sharda Vidya Mandir, a reputed school of Ahmedabad. They have more than 1200 students learning in different standards.

They expect me to look after two factors in the regular activities of the school.

1)Suggest and implement the strategies to improve the overall performance of the students.
2)Suggest and implement the strategies to enable the organization with the power of Information technology and computers

I will be happy doing these kind of activities where I can be helpful others carving their life paths. I have many ideas to implement but I think I have to go slow as I have to sail against the storm. According to me education is one which enables a person understanding and living his or her life in much better way and not just to get passed in exams and get a clerical job.

I hope I will do my work at its best.

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