2024 Reading List: Discover the Best Books and Recommendations (Updated March-24)


Here, I am compiling a list of all the books I have read in the year 2024 along with my thoughts and recommendations. I will keep it updated as I read more.

Will keep it updated as I read more.

1) “Doglapan” by Ashneer Grover

What is it about?

The life story of famed (or notorious) shark, and BharatPe founder, Ashneer Grover.


His life teaches us how to maintain connections. He has been extremely fortunate in having influential people around him and possesses enough skills to utilize them effectively. However, his narrative of what has happened at BharatPe appears flawed. While I’m not privy to the internal matters, one can’t play the victim forever. There is something called Karma!

2) “Revisiting the Educational Heritage of India” by Sahana Singh

What is it about?

Talks about the brighter side of ancient Indian education system and it’s fall in last 1000 years.


The book presents the data and facts but lacks anecdotes. Could have been better but a good read for the one who are unaware how India had lead the knowledge era, globally.

3) “Sahitya ane Cinema” (Literature and Cinema) by Jay Vasavda

What is it about?

It’s a compilation of his articles on these topics published in his column in Gujarat Samachar.


The book initially caught my interest, but it waned as the articles are dated, being almost 20-25 years old. Many of the topics discussed have lost their relevance.

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