Samarath Ko Nahi Dosh Gusai – Ramayana

Samarath Ko Nahi Dosh Gusai….

This may be one of the most ….. Chopai of Ramayana. It means Capable never come in fault. Does it mean they are free to do whatever they want? Is everything right for him? aren’t they liable to law?

Normally people interprets this Chopai like this.

But i understand this in different manner.

Only those are Capable who do right. One should say himself Capable if he never do mistakes.

And only one such entity is there in this world which the supreme power himself.

So is the only Capable in this universe.

2 thoughts on “Samarath Ko Nahi Dosh Gusai – Ramayana”

  1. Ajay Shrotriya

    What I understand is that a person who has power ( samarath) can practically do everything lawful or unlawful as the money or the form of power that he wields is capable of shielding hem or her from the prosecution by the law.
    It is actually reflection of an unjust society but is unfortunately tolerated by majority.

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