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Hi this is my recent image when I visited Kankaria at Ahmedabad.


Kankaria lack is at ahmedabad. Area of many kilometers surround to this is also known as Knakaria. Small but beautiful, Since many years kankaria is famous as a tourist place. Not only people of Ahmedabad, but all visitors of ahmedabad city must visit kankaria lack ones. Due to many development steps taken by Ahmedabad municipal corporation and government of Gujarat, Kankaria is now a major picnic spot in Gujarat. You really need a full day to visit kankaria which hosts a museum, zoom, water park, garden, food court, toy train and many other palces of public interest. I insist all to visit kankaria once who are visiting ahmedabad.

Ramayana and Mahabharata in simplest form

This is dedicated to those great great greedy saints, babas, lecuturers, gurus and all those who took the “responsibility” of saving the human kind by giving their long talk and unwanted religious advise.

Mahatma Gandhi : The people of this country are very simple and innocent. They don’t understand poetry scriptures of Ramayana and Mahabharata. All the want is short but affective form of Ram and Krishna’s life in simplest form and own language.

Gita Saar – Essence of Bhagwad Gita

Angriness is the child of unfulfilled wishes. Angriness brings attachment which than will be converted in any form of Lust. Lust pushes the person in the great deep of stress, restlessness, insomnia and other psychological problems. This ends at last in a failed life story.

It does’t mean we should not have wishes. They are must for success and progress. But they must be observed and controlled carefully by one’s discrimination Also do all what you can do to achieve your desires and dedicated your efforts to that supreme power. Let him care about your happiness. This is the ultimate essence of Bhagwad Gita. The Gita Saar.

Silence | The most powerful speech, control your self with strength of silence

Everyone around us have power of Silence within them, hardly a few of us use it. But those who use it are never need to speak anything to convince their views to others. As its required to cool down a hiten up car, its also desired you allow your self to be calm at least 15 minutes every day. At your home, office or in the garden wherever you find a peaceful place, spend there some time with yourself every day. If possible try to be in touch with nature. During this time, explore yourself more. Let yourself be open. Life will come with full of joy towards you.

Work Life balance of young professionals

Kripali is a workaholic with little time for fun Kripali Dave, 29, single, working in a BPO for two and a half years.
Parents live in Pune and she is alone in Hyderabad. Damini is tall, smart, and speaks eloquently She has a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude on the exterior but is sensitive and easily hurt. Has been in and out of relationships. And thus wants to give relationships some time to mature.
Is smart but is quite a walkover, emotionally
She works in an 11 am to 8 pm shift, Monday to Friday. Often timings change to 9 am to 10 pm.
A typical week day in her life unfolds somewhat like this:
07.30 am – Alarm goes off but is shut down.
08.30 am – Pushes herself out of bed, bathes and cooks breakfast
09.45 am – Takes the company cab to work.
10.45 am – Swipes into office.
11.00 am – Goes to boss’s office for the morning review meeting.
02.00 pm – Decides to walk five floors to the cafeteria for lunch but it seems tough today, maybe tomorrow.
03.00 pm – Meetings and more meetings .
06.00 pm – Catches a quick snack and coffee.
07.00 pm – Reviews problems and feedback from the night shift teams.
09.15 pm – Waits for the office cab.
10.30 pm – Back at home sweet home. Must rustle up to some warm dinner. But who has the energy to cook? Home delivery is such a convenient option.
11.30 pm – Boyfriend has been calling . Feels like saying “no,” but her loneliness compels her to have some company

Work seems to be all that Kripali has time for. If her health is going down and weight going up, is it because of her timings, lack of determination or laziness? She seems to be in a vicious cycle and needs to get out of it.

Exercise is a must and she must get up early in the morning and work-out for twenty minutes. Meditation and yoga might help. A proper diet chart is what she needs and for that she must consult an expert . There is no job that doesn’t have long hours but a work-life balance can be drawn. This is the right time to put her act together and these few changes in the cycle of life will help. And yes most she needs is a family, care from parents, love of a husband and joy from children. Human can’t live alone.

Purpose of our life : Let always remain fit so god can choose us to do his work nicely

What is the ultimate aim of our life? Many of us are asking this kind of question. Many of us are searching by themselves. If we see it in right way, we don’t have any aim, only God have an aim. We are just a tool for every of his task and a character for every of his play. A mechanic uses different screw drivers to open different size and shape of screws. Same way god chooses us for different kind of works of him. So all that we need to do is to remain fit by physic, by soul and by money so that whenever he needs a tool, he can choose us. That’s what we called as a success otherwise others are ready perform your roll. Let always remain fit so god can choose us to do his work nicely.

Be amongst them : The Gandhian way of man making

There is a poet in Gujarati “Paapi ne Tu Pyaar Kari le Paapi no Uddhar thashe” It means accept the sinful people and his sins might be washed away. To serve others, you should be among them.
Once while Mahatma Gandhi was in England, a local missionary invited him for lunch every Sunday at their place. Mr. Gandhi accepted. The family in which children were there, was Non-vegetarian. However children though very small, asked on one Sunday “Why Mr. Gandhi is not being served these few dishes?” . “he is Vegetarian” Father replied.
“Why is he vegetarian?”
“It’s a sin to eat animals in their religion. They say it’s cruel ”.
“Then why we do?”
“In our religion it’s not cruel to kill and eat animals”
“It’s not fair. We have seen, when we kill animals they are running away, they are crying, shouting. They might have pain. We also will never eat non-veg from now”.
Don’t know what happened with children then but the father regretted Mr. Gandhi and refused to come for lunch any more.Never resist any one, be among them to correct them.