Tips for being an successfull Entrepreneur

Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) is a premier organization promoted by each state government in India to promote the entrepreneurship within the young students and professionals. Today I have been invited by CED to deliver a lecture to a batch of want-to-be entrepreneur in the field of computer hardware and networking. Here is the excerpt of the 2 hour session.

  1. Understanding the great Chinese electronics market which developed itself from the e-waste of Europe and USA.
  2. Normal causes of computer problems.
    1. Software
    2. Dust
    3. Connectivity
    4. Power
    5. Heating
  3. Step by step Levels of an entrepreneur in Computer Field.
    1. Start with repair and maintenance service. This will allow to get experience and contacts at lower (or zero) investment
    2. Annual maintenance contract
    3. Networking services
    4. Be PC vender
    5. Service station of manufacturers
    6. E- Waste manager. This will be most creamy business though requires very keen knowledge and understanding of digital device.
  4. Threats in the business
    1. Extensive competition
    2. 100% service satisfaction is required
  5. Tips to get established in the business
    1. Do good work and not cheap. Don’t compromise your quality for cost
    2. Never be lazy. Have zero response time
    3. Be punctual in contracting and commitment
    4. Maintain written contracts.
    5. Maintain customer relation. Maintain contacts against cost
    6. First concentrate on your skills only. “Me Too, and We Do” approach may harm your core business.
  6. Tips to grow your business
    1. Form a team. Do work in team work
    2. Explore geographies
    3. Creative marketing
    4. Offer wide range of services
    5. Offer end to end solution
  7. Have patient
  8. Values are more important than value

Hope this will help you as well in your business.

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