Problems faced by Micro and small enterprises of Small towns

Small and medium enterprises are facing many challenges to grow ahead and specially when they are based in small towns of India where they will face many challenges due to culture of work. Here are few of the problems which small industries face in small towns and they themselves are solutions as well.

  • Lack of skills and on job training programs for employees

Normally a bunch of employees join to gather in medium or mega enterprises so they feel it easy to organize induction program and training program. In micro and small enterprises hardly 1 to 3 persons join at a time so it becomes infeasible to organize a dedicated training program for the company. As the company is small they may be finding it hard to attract skilled people. Due to small size companies are reluctant to spend on training and hence skill development. Due to lack of skills companies could not grow high. This is a poison circle which organization must have to break in order to sustain and grow.

  • Irregularity and attendance
  • Absence of goals for employees
  • Poor deadlines and hygiene
  • Etiquette and manners
  • Poor in dressing
  • Poor English
  • Limited presentation skills
  • Lack of planning in every area of work
  • Long delays in replying letters and taking decisions
  • Not enough customer orientation

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