Dr. C K Prahalad Passes away

It’s really one of the saddest day for me. Dr C K Prahalad passes away. I really still cant believe this. I don’t remember the exact day or month but it was a brilliant time for me when I mate him at IIM ahmedabad before 2-3 months. He delivered a lecture there. There are very few people who influences me and I must say he is one of them. Approximately before three years, I read one of his article (or interview may be) in a magazine from Wharton business school. It really gave me spark and suddenly charged my inner soul which was consistently looking for some outer motivations because of constant business failures. This article and than his book “Fortune at Bottom of Pyramid” really provided me the much needed thing. The thoughts. Whatever I am doing specially in terms of business innovations is really powered by his thoughts only. And I really want to follow his way of business practice. That may be my best homage to him.

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