Build people before you build the product

In the Management, it has been said that “Build the People, Before you build the product”. Companies build great products or services, but don’t care to build the people to sell and backup them. And finally business fails.

I was searching for a mobile internet service, cheap and efficient. And an eye-catchy hoarding of Tata-Doccomo attracted me with mobile internet service at just 96 Rs per month. The speed and charges were ok to me. I purchased a new card. The vendor did not know how to configure the internet with that. I tried calling the customer care and got response from the executives after a wait of almost 7 minutes. But my time on the busy lines was in vein as the executive was not enough knowledgeable to guide me the configuration steps. First of my 3 day package (for which I paid) went that way. Next day I tried to configure it anyhow with my own limited knowledge and surfing something on internet. But the connection was not establishing. End of day 2. Next day again I tried many times to call the customer care as the local office of Tata-Doccomo always remains close. With a very sweet voice, he told me there is some difficulties and the service will be activated within 6 hours. Please don’t worry. But the 6 hours never ended. I lost my last day. I lost money without utilizing the service. Next day again I called the company and I got the same answer that service will be activated within 6 hours. Almost for 5 days I received the same answer which asked me to never worry as service was going to be activated in 6 hours only.

This is a small but practical case study for all those small entrepreneurs willing to crack the market of the established business conglomerates. Build People, Before you Build the Product.

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