Be amongst them : The Gandhian way of man making

There is a poet in Gujarati “Paapi ne Tu Pyaar Kari le Paapi no Uddhar thashe” It means accept the sinful people and his sins might be washed away. To serve others, you should be among them.
Once while Mahatma Gandhi was in England, a local missionary invited him for lunch every Sunday at their place. Mr. Gandhi accepted. The family in which children were there, was Non-vegetarian. However children though very small, asked on one Sunday “Why Mr. Gandhi is not being served these few dishes?” . “he is Vegetarian” Father replied.
“Why is he vegetarian?”
“It’s a sin to eat animals in their religion. They say it’s cruel ”.
“Then why we do?”
“In our religion it’s not cruel to kill and eat animals”
“It’s not fair. We have seen, when we kill animals they are running away, they are crying, shouting. They might have pain. We also will never eat non-veg from now”.
Don’t know what happened with children then but the father regretted Mr. Gandhi and refused to come for lunch any more.Never resist any one, be among them to correct them.

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