About the Movie Rann and Movie Making

I have watched the movie Rann yesterday. A wonderful story told in marvelous way. Excellent acting by everyone including Ritesh Deshmukh!! And I must not say anything about Amitabh Bachchan and Paresh Raval. They are just legends. To praise them for their acting or to give them best actor or villain award is nothing but injustice to new comers as otherwise the letters will never get any chance. The core message of the film is very well told and touches the heart. It’s a different matter it may not be able to change the system at any level. Though movie is for class and not for mass, I recommend every of you. Just watch it.

I have been very much interested in films since my childhood. From very younger age, I have been dreaming to make films. In schools I did make a few but very successful plays as well. Though I can’t do technical functions, I desire to enter in the industry sooner or later as core business of Indies.

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