Traffic rule violation and increased fines in India


As India is debating and facing the new traffic violation fines, following traffic rules make sense in my opinion.

1) Heavy penalties for violating all those traffic rules where you cause trouble to others. Like breaking maned or unmanned traffic signals, parking zones, rash driving, wrong lane driving, driving without a license, over speeding, overcapacity passengers, overloading of goods, use of phone while driving, putting high capacity headlights and horns and others.

2) A course to be introduced which is supposed to be completed in order to get the driving license. Make the process stringent, Automated and under cameras. Renewal of license along with updated syllabus every 5 years. The photo above is of Copenhagen where kids come to play and learn traffic rules.

3) Let people decide if they want to wear a helmet and seat belt. Yes, it is extremely important for the safety of individual but if you don’t care go to hell.

4) Insurance mandatory at least for the third party if not for you and your vehicle. The option of insurance is an escrow.

5) The only penalty for polluting vehicle is to detain them. 1000 rs can not grant permission to pollute the environment. And please implement this on auto and trucks as well, you dear police!

6) Bring officials under accountability for cows and donkeys on the road, bad roads signals not working not arranging for adequate and convenient parking infrastructure.

7) There are several age-old rules completely irrelevant and foolish. Remember Bharat is a country of families and of the middle class. 2 kids of reasonable age along with their parents on a motorcycle is the need as well as the beauty of this country. Crackdown on all laws too which will cause trouble to the people ultimately.

8) It doesn’t make any sense selling vehicles with “Lights On Always” across India just because there was Fog in Delhi. I am sorry but whoever has made this is…. what to say!

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