End of Reading Challenge 2015


Book Titles3The reading challenge of the year is about to end. I want to remind that reading challenge was about to read at least 12 books with around 3600 pages in total. The year is ending and I have finished my reading challenge and surpassed the page target by almost 40%. Apart from books several magazines also contribute into this number.

Here is a brief overview what I read in the year along with my recommendation. This is just a partial list and does not cover every book I read in this year.

1) The corner office: A fiction on dirty games of corporate world. I would prefer to watch movie Corporate rather reading this.

2) Sahara The untold story: Why Subrato Roy is in Jail? this question is almost as mind boggling as “Why Katappa killed bahubali” lolzz. Though the book doesn’t answer it exactly but at least convinces us that there is no specific answer of this question. It epilogues the the events finely and aspiring professionals and fresh managers should read this book to understand the importance of values and business best practices.

3) How google works: A great book written by great leader of google Eric Schmidt. The book allows you to look inside the famous google culture. Startups should read it.

4) The day I stopped drinking milk: Sudha Murthy is once again fantabulous with this book. More than anything else she is a great story teller and this book doesn’t let you put it off unfinished. Good read for everyone.

5) The Best place to work: Ron Friedman has done research on work environment, working patterns, disciplines and organizational cultures of some of the famous organizations of silicon valley. He has compiled this book with his findings. Interesting read for HR people.

6) Symphony of Krishna: I had read Gujarati version of this book written by Gunavant Shah. The book is actually his critics on Bhagvad Gita. Though good, there are multiple other options as well on same subject.

7) Jay Somnath: K M Munshi the famous historian, author, political leader and teacher has written Jay Somnath on the event of Muhamad of Gazani’s attack on Somnath temple. Consider yourself anything but not Indian if this book does not increase the force of blood, tears and shame in your eyes. MUST read.

8) Glass is Half Full: A very small collection of sweet memories and stories about professional life of the author. This fast and witty read would be available only in AMA book store at Ahmedabad I guess.

9) Leadership:  A collection of quotes, stories, case and incidents on leadership by Mukesh Patel. Again a Publication of Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA).

10) How google tests software: I strongly recommend this book to every young technology graduate entering in to the world of programming and software. It helps you learn how could google launch such exponential number of products with extreme quality standards. This may help every programmer become fundamentally better.

11) The everything store: The story of how Amazon and jeff bezos has evolved in last almost 20 years. Have a very quick view on this book if you are really interested. As far as corporate learning is considered, you can skip this.

12) Market your way to growth: The Kotler “baba” is back with this book and as like every of his past Marketing books he leaves you full of thoughts. Great!

13) Zero to One: An all time great book on startups, entrepreneurship and business. I don’t think it needs any review as I would be amongst the last chunk of readers of this book.

14) Richest many in Babylon: Age old book on financial wisdom. It is something like Panchatantra and Hitopdesh we do have in India. Author has formed stories of babylon to teach best practices to stay financially healthy. Good for young graduates.

15) Malti Madhav: Malti madahv is Sanskrit fiction written by Bhavbhuti before almost 1300 years. This helps you understanding the human psychology, and timeless principals of love, hate and politics. Refreshes you.

16) Yugdrashta: The Marathi writer B D Kher has written this book in a form of story on the life of Chanakya. The man him self is a fascinating personality and book helps you understanding his life and views in better way. In fact it motivates a lot. I must admit that this book only has prepared me for my Bangalore stints!

17) 64 Summar Hill: A sizable novel written by Dhaivat Trivedi and same was published in local news paper as a weekly series. I have heard praise for this book from several people and indeed it deserves same. But typically not a book of my taste.

Thus is end of my reading challenge of this year. Preparing for the 2016. Stay tuned!