Reading Challenge 2015 – at Indies


I read books and many other stuff. Here I have thought to extend this to everyone specially my fellow colleagues at Indies. Accept this 2015 reading challenge and read any 12 books of your choice. Books needs to be of around 300 pages. You can adjust the pages in the count of books off-course. Accept the challenge by commenting here or on my facebook page or on my twitter account and keep everyone updated about your progress. All the Best.

Mahatma gandhi – History of 1914 to 1948

9th January was celebrated as the 100th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s return to India. After a successful “Satyagrah” in South Africa he returned back to India on 9th of January 1914. The rest is history! on that day few of the the very excited and creative team members of Indies put their time in to learning that history and prepared this nice info-graphic to let everyone know about Mahatma Gandhi’s life in India after 1914.