My experiences as an interviewer

You get a huge experience as an interviewer if you are open to receive those. You can learn a lot in that interview session of few minutes to an hour, from the interviewee even if he or she is mere a fresh candidate. Here I am sharing couple of my experiences as an interviewer from our last recruitment drive for computer programmers and content writers.
People feel few questions unimportant or sometimes silly but I evaluate the candidate based on the answers. It really helps, almost every time. In an interview I asked the interviewee about innovation and creativity. He was open for discussion. We discussed about ideas and its philosophy. I asked him how many ideas he gets every day. His reply was brilliant. I get many ideas in a day but as our academic examinations were going on last month I didn’t get any new idea during that, he replied.
That was so funny but realistic. He didn’t get any new idea because his examinations were going on. One more time, it proves that current education system is to kill the creativity of humans. They have been injected with garbage of data and ability to think, evaluate and innovate gets destroyed every moment. Can’t education motivate them to think new ideas? Can’t there be exams like who brings best solution to a problem? Can’t there be competition to use the limited resources and get some creative output from there? After all each of the profession demands same. 
To a smart girl I asked the question: What is difference between confidence and over confidence?
“I can do this” is confidence and “Nobody else except me can do this” is over confidence. Her reply was.
That’s good answer! 🙂