Requirements of Skill for a successfull career

A man was traveling on the highways. Being alone in his super luxury car he was driving the car and enjoying the ride. Suddenly the engine jerked a bit and car got stopped. The man could not understand what happened and could not think what to do further. As car mechanism was not his cup of tea he started to wonder for a mechanic on that lonely road. There was a small hut almost 100-150 meters away from the point where the car was standing. The man went there and fortunately he found a person over there who claimed he knows mechanics and can help him if required.
The mechanic came to see the car. He opened up the cover of the engine. After examining for a while the men bought a hammer from his hut and hit the engine on a specific point and asked the person to try starting the car. Eureka!! The car got started without trouble and engine kept running without brilliantly. The man thanked the mechanic and asked for the charges. Mechanic asked to pay 1000 Indian Rupees for the service and job done.
Though it was not a trouble for man he argued the mechanic on this. “1000 Rupees just to hit with hammer? Even I could have done that!”.
“I have charged only 20 Rupees for hitting the engine with hammer. Rest 980 rupees are to find where to hit.”The mechanic replied.
A very eye-opener story for fresh graduates coming out from universities and want to join the industry. In last 8 years with Indies Services I have interviewed thousands of fresh graduates applying for the job. They come in with their certificate and many of them are very arrogant as well because of their education or schools or universities. But I could have found only a few who had belief in their skills and abilities and not their degree. 
Industry is interested only in your abilities and not in degrees. Keep this in mind. Skills pay.