Power : You can be the unique source of global Enery

Success is all about Power, the amount of power you can achieve. Whether in profession or personal life, your future depends on the power you have at present. As a business owner, employee, scientist, politician, teacher, doctor or anything, you must gain power to survive. Remember there is infinite power in this world; it’s upon you how much you can gain and utilize.

Potentially there are 4 powers which a human being is required to concentrate on, in order to be a successful person in their field.

1) Moral Power: This is the first and foremost strength a human is required to have. Moral power comprises Will power, attitude, ambitions, enthusiasm and all other powers those drive a person internally. Source of all these powers is (and must be) internal and not external. External jerks can ignite, channelize or boos the power within. Truth, politeness and honesty are also the moral power. You can’t underestimate if you want to win this world. Because moral power is one, which motivates you to gain other powers and also teaches you how to utilize the power when you have that.

2) Knowledge Power: It is being heard now a days that this is knowledge era. But I don’t agree with that. Every second of existence under the sun is always Knowledge era. That is the a biggest power a poorest people can have. You must have in-depth knowledge of everything you want to crawl in your lifetime. Without having updated your knowledge, one will be outdated next day and thrown out the other day.

3) Man Power: You need excellent and brilliant human being to share your idea. You need strong bodies to conquer this world. You need a huge base of followers to establish yourself as a leader. In general as many human being you can rule on, your power increases in multiplication.

4) Financial Power: Money…. Money Money… ……Money Money Money…. ………..A strong balance sheet can attract more investment, a sound bank balance can get brilliant brain power for you, you will need huge amount of money to maintain a large base of followers. In general Its all about Money…. You can’t underestimate your financial power.