Way to do business

A good case study I have observed in the era of dot com boom and fallouts in the year 2000. That was the time when dot coms or online companies/ websites had been seen as the best business in the history and the only way to become millionaire or billionaire in lesser than the less time. New web based companies were popping out on daily bases. Many of them were going to public offerings. Had raised millions of dollars from stock market. Spent a lot on marketing, brand promotion, state of the art infrastructure, huge returns and biggest perks. But all of them closed down in their childhood only. Some of them were quite older as well.

Very few of them got survived during that like Google. Why?

I have another question to ask. What particular things you are missing which those closed down companies were offering? Take ask jeevs or alta vista or any other. All of them did same mistake. Were focusing on all things accept their services. None of them invested enough in technology, innovation, evaluation, developments, and good staffing. They had websites but not good things to serve.

Always focus first on your customers, offerings and technologies.

Move Ahead – Go Ahead – The Hindu Philosophy

Once upon a time there was a tree-cutter in a small village. He was used to go to the forest every day and cut the trees to earn his bread and butter. This way he was trying to manage his very simple living. But few of the times he was not getting enough to feed his family.

Once he met to a saint, while wondering the forest for some better trees to cut. Saint asked about his who and how about and suggested him to go ahead of his regular tree cutting area where he has been cutting the tree for years. He accepted the holy saint’s suggestion and went far ahead on the route. And that was the miracle, he found few sandal trees. The tree cutter was very happy seeing this as sandal is a very costly wood. He cut few of the branches and bought them to the village to sell it. He earned a nice food and some extra money that day. He was very happy. Few years went nicely like this. One day, he again found the same saint in the forest and he expressed his gratitude towards the saint. Saint was also happy seeing happiness on face of the man who was struggling for daily food once upon. But saint also urged him to go few more miles ahead from his routine area.

The three cutter followed the advice and went far ahead of his safety zone. And that day he found mines of copper and aluminum. He was more than happy that day. He left the tree cutting job and started his own business based on these Metals. He was now a well to do person of the village. Once again the same saint asked him to go ahead of the area and the person found mines of silver. After few years he got a similar message of moving ahead and got mines of gold and lastly diamonds.

The man was now an old aged super rich tycoon. He was treated like a king and had enough wealth and fame.

Once again during his journey, he met the holy saint. Saint again advised the same practice “Go Ahead” and the man followed the same. After crossing his rich areas of gold and diamonds, he again found the jungle but nothing else. The man came back to the saint and complained what he found. Saint replied that is the ultimate destiny for you my dear child.

Once you had enough time to play when you were a small child. When you were a young man, and a family head, your sole responsibility or “Dharma” was to earn for you, your partner, your children and for the society even. So I guided you accordingly. You followed my advice and worked hard to reach the place where you are at present. Now you are an old age person and your dharma or responsibility cycle is again turning the wheel. I suggest now you put the earning responsibilities on the shoulders of your children and take enough rest. Let your body, mind and soul enough peace. Spend your remaining years in peaceful and divine manner under the blessings of God and let yourself enjoy the peace and calm of old age as like you enjoyed the fun and thrill of childhood and young age.

This is the Indian way or “Vaidik” way of living. The hindu philosophy never rejects, money, prosperity, wife, sex, fun, play, games, yoga, Dhyan or god. It always asks a person to accept all in perfect proportion and live your life with Full.