My mother, not me writes my blogs

I have not been able to publish any new post on this English blog almost for a month. I am not getting time to write the English posts these days. Till date my mother took care of every of my needs. But due to her age and health problems now she is not being able to do every of those things. So I started pressing my clothes myself and also try wherever I can be helpful to share her load. This takes a lot of time of mine and I am not being able to spare time to write the blog. So I feel not me but this is my mother who writes my blogs. Because she prepares food for me, washes my dishes, cleans my room, manages the maid who washes the cloths, and do many other tasks, so finally I get time to write my blogs, to read my favorite books and watch the movies.

Indeed I am very lucky that I got a birth in India where we have a strong base of family relationships. I believe no individual can achieve the success without love and support of a family. When a person become CEO of the a multinational organization, his wife might have washed and pressed his shining suite which he wear in the board meetings, his mother might have prepared healthy food for him, his sister might have prepared a cup of tea when he wanted to work till midnight, his brother might have bought the international newspapers from the neighbor shop, and his father might have adjusted with a cycle so his son can have a bike which saved his time to the way of tuitions. Almost for 30-40 years this person’s family saved his 3-5 hours a day like this and that is the reason why mister CEO earns lacks of Rupees per hour today.

Hates off to a family.

I will try to continue my blog posts now…..