Home Alone….

Hello friends.

Sorry as I have not been posting anything for many day. Actually I am too much busy now a day and not finding time for blogging. Even I am not being able to spare enough time for my business activities also. Busy with some other works. I have to……..

Cook my food
Wash my cloths
Clean my dishes
Sweep my hose

And have to do many other house hold tasks. Spending 3-4 hours a day for this. It has been going for last week and will go for next week as well.

Ahhhh. Actually my mother is not available at home. So Home… Alone…
It’s really a nice experience. Let me tell you I have invented many new recipes during this. I am thinking for applying patent of the same. 🙂

Anyone interested to test?


Good Attitude Good Life – Power of Positive Attitude

Once upon a time few mesons were working on a construction project somewhere. The project was of constructing Taj Mahal. One day a passerby asked one of them, “what are you doing my dear friend?” “Just doing this kind of blood burning labor for this hungry stomach” he replied. The passerby person asked the same question to next meson. “Puting the bricks for wall”, his reply was. At last the person asked this same question again to third person. With a smile on his face meson replied “Constructing The Taj Mahal”.

Do you have any doubt the last meson would be happiest among all of them and he also would be a successful person one day?

Your attitude towards your work is as important as your skills and hard work. B++