Prashant as an Educational Advisor

Recently I have been appointed in the advisory committee of Shree Sharda Vidya Mandir, a reputed school of Ahmedabad. They have more than 1200 students learning in different standards.

They expect me to look after two factors in the regular activities of the school.

1)Suggest and implement the strategies to improve the overall performance of the students.
2)Suggest and implement the strategies to enable the organization with the power of Information technology and computers

I will be happy doing these kind of activities where I can be helpful others carving their life paths. I have many ideas to implement but I think I have to go slow as I have to sail against the storm. According to me education is one which enables a person understanding and living his or her life in much better way and not just to get passed in exams and get a clerical job.

I hope I will do my work at its best.

Who will die when you cry?

Robin Sharma has written a book with title, “Who will cry when you die?”. I have not read this book yet but its about self development and growing goodness within you. It motivates you to become such a human kind, that when you die, people feel your absence and cry for you. (we have many people around us, for whom we cry till they are alive!!!)

But I think you have marked the difference between the title of the book and title of the blog. Who will die when you cry? In this world of terror, throat cut competition, social relationship break ups and great moral downturn, a person feels emptiness and get depressed of it. Finally they cry. Many people have enough reasons to cry because the grief they have been gifted by their destiny. But ever you thought whether your cry is making any difference or no? Will it improve your situation? will it convince other persons? At once or twice it may, but not for life time. In gujarati there is a saying “Dukh ni Mudi Par Sahanubhuti nu Vyaj Levu” (earning the returns in form of sympathy on the capital of grief). Many people have habits to get their work done from others by expressing their situation and tears in their eyes. They may be right on their situation. But will your tears make any difference to you or others? They may have or 1 or 2 hours for you to spend but not every time and every day. No one can be with you every time.

You must have to learn fighting your own battle. Be bold, be strong and take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders. You are the responsible for the current situation and for future as well. Lord Krishna can drive the horse cart, but arrows must be handled by arjuna only. Will any person die for you when you cry? no, never. So start acting now, you are the creator of your own destiny. You have again two choice to follow, Who will die when you cry? Or Who will cry when you die? I always live for second one. You are heartily invited for the same.

Playing Flute

I have been very passionate about playing flute since many years. I was always dreaming to play nice flute. Though classical music is not of my interest but this instrument is. Hence I have started learning it before a month, off course for my own interest and satisfaction. Today I have played Vaishnav jan to……… in raag Khamaj. Feeling very happy. One of my many dreams achieved.

My master tells me I am the fastest person in his career of 70 years. This might be due to my eagerness that I have within me since many years.