Some good books to read

Pleae find here the list of few good books those I believe are very interesting to read.

1) Who will cry when you die – Robin Sharma
2) Ageless body Timeless mind – Dipak Chopra
3) Business at speed of thoughts – Bill Gates
4) Shyam Ek vaar aavo ne angane (Gujarati) – Dinkar Joshi
5) The Romance of Tata Steel – R M Lala
6) Bharatiya Swatantrya Sangraam: 1857 – Veer Savarkar (Must Read)

I dont know whether book no 5 is available in any other language except gujarati. book 6 is avaialable in all major lanaguages of india including english. All other languages are in english with some of them may be translated in Indian langugages.

Indies is going to adopt schools

Teaching is always a favorite thing to do for me. I believe teaching is not educating others but to spend some time together to share your views, knowledge and joy. Though its very hard for me to spare some time from routine business activities, I love doing it. If they are children of age 5 I feel I am in a blooming garden where their sensible touch and sweet words provide me deep calmness and happiness. If they are college youth I feel myself very dynamic and vibrant and full of energy. If I would not be a businessman I would be a teacher or professor.

Now I am going to adopt schools. This will happen under the banner of Indies Service (my Professional company) and Prashant Mamtora Foundation (Not for profit organization) I have been applied to Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation for same and the application is under consideration and at final stage. I have visited many schools before few days and finalized for 4 of them.

My plan is to apply some practical changes in the education process. I don’t want every of them to become a doctor or engineer. Whether they become plumber or electrician, carpenter or street hawker, they should be responsible person and citizen. They do good whatever they do.

Your views, ideas, and help (hey not financial) are most welcome for this.

Cant change the situation? change your attitude.

You have been driving for an important meeting for one hour. The destination is still one hour away and you stuck in a traffic jam. A long queue of vehicles, making noise of unnecessary horns, you have not moved more than few meters for last half an hour. You secretary, manager and finally you client starts calling you. You are losing your patience. You have made enough preparation, for meeting starting from presentation to timely start of the same. You are just frustrating as all your efforts are going in vain. You are going to miss the meeting and possibly the opportunity. Situation is not in your control at any how. What will you do now?

You have many options to do. You can start quarrelling with others, blaming the roads and government and even to your luck, get frustrated, get excited and loose your temperament, and many more. But before you start doing any of this, just think of one question. “Will it change the conditions?” And if the answer is no, why should you harm your mind and body? Many times in our life, situation will not be in our control. If we cant change them we should change our attitude. Just look over the situation from other angles and let that supreme decide your fate in this situation.

Like same way, there are more than 6 billion people in this world, not every one of them will adjust with you, if you want to exist with them just adjust with them. Change your thoughts; never try to change the situation or the people. You will be one more example of failed life in this case.