Samarath Ko Nahi Dosh Gusai – Ramayana

Samarath Ko Nahi Dosh Gusai….

This may be one of the most ….. Chopai of Ramayana. It means Capable never come in fault. Does it mean they are free to do whatever they want? Is everything right for him? aren’t they liable to law?

Normally people interprets this Chopai like this.

But i understand this in different manner.

Only those are Capable who do right. One should say himself Capable if he never do mistakes.

And only one such entity is there in this world which the supreme power himself.

So is the only Capable in this universe.

What is Time?

Time is :

  • Two slow for those who wait
  • Too slow for those who fear
  • Too slow for those who grieve
  • Too short for those who rejoice
  • But it is eternity for those who love……..


Not let thy golden days be spent in vain, once gone not even gold can buy them back.

Got an injured shouldre

Hello Friends,
writing here after long. i got injured before 15 days. my shoulder pains a lot and cant move at all. It lost its complete motion and force. Problem is not with Bone but with nerves. The doctor says i may have a plastic surgery for this which I am rejecting at present. trying with excersie and massage. hopefully it should recover soon.

God is there in everyone – Bhagwad Gita Lesson

All religious people may believe in their own god though none of them ever seen that divine power. This may also be one reason why, every of them interprets God differently.

Bhagavaan shree Krishna says in bhagvad gita.

“Yachchapi sarva bhutanam bijam tadham arjun, na tadasti vina yatsyan maya bhut chara char”

Means : there is no live or dead particle without me in this whole universe.

A nice funny story on this.

Once a guru had a follower. Guru taught him that every one is a form of god. God is there in every one. Now one day the follower went to the market place for some work. Suddenly a mad elephant appeared, crushing everything coming its way. The master of the elephant was shouting to tell others to stay away from elephant and people were running like anything to save their lives. The follower came to know about the elephant and he remembered the lesson his guru taught to him. He decided not to run away, thinking that elephant won’t harm him as there is the god in it as well. Elephant came nearer and master of the elephant shouted quite a few times to run away. But follower stayed there, elephant came nearby to him and thrown away him with its trunk. After couple of hours the follower awaked and seen his guru sitting nearby to him. He asked him why the elephant thrown him as the same god is there as per his lesson? Guru told. Very true, but same lord was there in elephant master as well. Why he did not followed his advice?

This is the problem with all of us. We all interprets the god as per our convenience and expects he always favor us.