How a leader should be?

Mukhia Mukh so Chahie, Khan pan kahu ek
Palai poshai sakal ang. Tulasi sahit bibek

This beautiful chopai of Ramayan is the part of ayodhya kand and presented by tulsidas during the story of Ram and Bharat’s union In the forest of Chitrakut

It means leader should be like mouth in our body. Mouth is the only organ which drinks and eats, but all other parts of body get nutrition and grow together as a body. Same way leaders should feed their organization in terms of thoughts, funds, disciplines and by all other means to ensure the organization grow as a whole.

Marriage tradition in Masai, Kenya

In Masai community tribal community of Kenya, there is a tradition since long. The young boy, a wanna be groom must have to fight and kill a lion just using a spear and a shield. One who get succeed is only eligible to get married. In Masai community they want to allow only brave children to born. And all those week and incapable person don’t inherit their “impotent” genes to next generation of Masai.