My passion towards book, reading and my ambition about a library

Reading is always my passion. Till date I used nearly every library of Bhavnagar city. I remember that day when I was of about 12-13 years. I was the member of the library of a small and beautiful library of my tuition classes. Nearly every day I used to finish one book and replaces it. I think I am the one who kept the librarian most busy. One day I came to know that, next day I had to go out for some reasons and will not be able to go to classes. Oh my god…… not because of education but a book for which I got worried. On that day I left the classes at about 5 o clock with a biography of sir Isaac Newton, of about 100 pages. I started reading and finished it on a single sitting at about 8 o clock. Went again to the library for a new book. Librarian asked don’t you liked this? I said very much. “Then why are you giving back”- he asked. “Its completed”- I replied. And he starred at me for a while, murmured something and allocated me a new book. At present I have a collection of more than 1000 books and magazines. Now I think of starting library. I want to share with other what I collected till date.

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I am Prashant Mamtora, 26, An Information Technology Engineer. At the age of 21, I started my company, Indies Services. Indies provides Software Development, Web Site Development, IT Consulting and BPO Services to its global clients. Daily Diary writing is my hobby. I thought why should not I share my thoughts with public? Knowledge increases by sharing. And in this Internet era, it’s not a big game at all! So just started this blog. Hope you will enjoy my writing. I will appreciate your comments.