1) An Organization is a group of people sharing common dreams which every of those sees.

2) Innovation is not about showing what you know but to solve a real problem.

3) Victory is winning over you. don’t fail yourself.

4) In the deadline given by God, Weekends and holidays are included.

5) Giving someone leadership does not make difference. When one starts making difference becomes a Natural Leader.

6) Don’t spend too much of time building Mission statements. Spend it rather building the company. Remember, people will know your company not because of your Mission but for output you generate. Your Mission has a meaning because of the work output you can deliver.

7) Your team is your best mentor. When in dilemma, I surrender to my team and come out with brilliant solutions. Provided you build a team of great people.

8) A focused mind is a tiny nuclear bomb with possibilities to release enormous energy.

9) The design of a product is an effortless way to learn using it. You don’t teach a child to come out of a womb, you don’t teach birds breaking the egg or flowers to blossom. Rivers flow naturally, trees grow naturally. And you don’t see any extra stuff anywhere, and you don’t see anything awful anywhere, everything is refreshingly beautiful. That is Design.

10) Neither Wise man with good knowledge nor the restless person with consistent actions, this world is driven by restless actions of a wise person.

11) A product must have two types of features. A feature which can trigger the usage and a feature which can keep the user engaged. There are chances one feature can serve both. But not balancing the two factors is one of the primary reason of product failure.