Who Exactly a Milopler is?

It is Saturday today and as usual I am alone in office doing some stuff which otherwise is not possible to attend on weekdays due to other important stuff. Naturally those other important stuff are issues, queries, questions and ideas from fellow Miloplers.

Even though it’s Saturday Bhupendra and Jaydeep were here almost for whole day, working an some Angular.js application. I have not invited them neither forced them to be in office on this off-day but still they joined me for the day to learn things and move an important product ahead. All credits go to them for this enthusiasm they are showing towards their work and Milople.

It has been 11 years now I am running technology businesses earlier Indies and now Milople. I feel i have spent a lot of time (obviously) in recruitment and selection during all these years. More than 20,000 applicants would have been screened during all these time and hundreds of them were offered jobs. I would love to share today the real definition of “Miloplers”, How do we want them to be and what we would be looking for while recruiting a new one. Any person not fitting these fundamentals is not a Milopler.

While explaining this I randomly used He and She to address Milopler


He is an expert of what he does. Technology, Marketing, HR, Designs, Programming or anything, he is the master player of the stuff he is doing. He has the burning desire to be one and to remain there for long. She knows how to use technology and tools she has for excellent output. We don’t expect her to be an M.Tech by education but a Master by profession. anything less than that is not acceptable.


Either of 20 or 80, a person who does not learn is dead. A Milopler is a Learning Animal. She travels a lot, meets new people, keeps interacting, Reads extensively and surfs the web to learn new things in her own domain and others as well


She is the master executor of plans and projects. He just not talks but converts ideas in to actions and actions into results. He knows how to convert learning into output. He believes in delivery and he is committed only to delivery irrespective of time, place and anything. He is obsessed to finish stuff at its best and feels restless until he does so. He performs brilliantly not just in 9 to 6


He is the fire hose of new Ideas. He starts his day with lot of new ideas and ends with a lot of work done. She finds problems everywhere and loves finding creative solutions for these. She is passionate doing this in most innovative and creative way.

Business Smart

She loves data and knows how to analyse this data to make better business decisions. Be it preparing menu for the Annual day dinner or delivering next version of a product, he senses data very well and makes better business decisions based on that. He is business smart and knows how to bring knowledge or innovation to user and covert it into profit. Milopler is not a nerdy guy waiting for next task and instructions tobe performed every second. She knows how to use her time into most profitable way.

A born leader

He is a change agent and hates things not being executed well. She takes initiatives, hugs the challenges and carries the responsibilities. She does not wait for a title in order to make an impact but makes an impact because she feel her existence is useless otherwise. He builds a team of A-Grade people around him and builds super successful solutions for consumers.

Excellent Individual

He is not great just at work but at life. he is passionate not only for programming but for many other things at well. Be it cooking, driving, repairing Bicycles, football, cricket, playing guitar, dancing, teaching or anything, she is passionate for stuffs, she is passionate for life. Quality for her is living a wonderful life with discipline and not just a job profile.


She collaborates with team. For learning, for training, for better customer experience. He communicates well. He expresses his knowledge and idea in flourishing way during one-to-one and one-to-many.


Yes Milople promises for the finest rewards and remuneration in the world. But all these she is doing is not for money but for work. She is not motivated of money but of work. This is something which I have said to Jaydeep while awarding a project. I don’t want a person whom I could tell to work late nights and in weekends. Rather I want person who keeps working days and nights just because he is obsessed of things he is learning and results he would be delivering. Day doesn’t end for him till he achieves this.

Brand Ambassador

She is the super model and brand ambassador for Milople. She is the power user of all products we deliver and passionate to keep the cultural bar highest at company. He bites any action or behavior that is unhealthy for company immediately and would not tolerate anyone breaking sterling standards of the company. Business values of Milople is at her heart and follows herself and makes other following same.


Every person may not have 100% of all these but they strive achieving these as part of living a successful life. With all these, a single point is to make an “Impact”. Their Impact on the company, society, customers and world. He consciously knows how much impact the vision of Milople would have on this world and he is consciously striving and acting to make her own impact on this Vision itself.

The way forward is much clearer now and I hope for current and future Miloplers as well. I would be happy discussing your views and suggestions on this further in the comments section bellow.